JSA 2021

Gabriele Serra, Gabriele Ara, Pietro Fara, and Tommaso Cucinotta (September, 2021), "ReTiF: A declarative real-time scheduling framework for POSIX systems". In Journal of Systems Architecture, Volume 118, 2021, 102210, ISSN 1383-7621, Elsevier.


This paper proposes a novel framework providing a declarative interface to access real-time process scheduling services available in an operating system kernel. The main idea is to let applications declare their temporal requirements or characteristics without knowing exactly which underlying scheduling algorithms are offered by the system. The proposed framework can adequately handle such a set of heterogeneous requirements configuring the platform and partitioning the requests among the available multitude of cores, so to exploit the various scheduling disciplines that are available in the kernel, matching application requirements in the best possible way. The framework is realized with a modular architecture in which different plugins handle independently certain real-time scheduling features. The architecture is designed to make its behavior customization easier and enhance the support for other operating systems by introducing and configuring additional plugins.

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Last update: 2022-05-20
Created: 2022-05-20
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