SAC 2022

Gabriele Ara, Tommaso Cucinotta, Agostino Mascitti (April 25-29, 2022), "Simulating Execution Time and Power Consumption of Real-Time Tasks on Embedded Platforms". In Proceedings of the 37th ACM/SIGAPP International Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2022), Brno, Czech Republic (on-line event due to Covid-19), IEEE.


In this paper, we present PARTSim, an open-source power/thermal-aware simulator for embedded real-time systems. This tool is a fork of the well-known RTSim simulator, which can simulate the timing behavior of a set of real-time tasks with various characteristics when running on a multi-processor platform in presence of a number of real-time scheduling policies. PARTSim extends the functionality of RTSim by introducing support for power-aware embedded platforms exhibiting frequency scaling and specific architectural patterns like the ARM big.LITTLE and DynamIQ ones. Experimental results that compare simulated data against execution profiles collected on real platforms show a simulation error under 10 % for both execution time and power consumption at 90th percentile when simulating the effects of DVFS.

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Last update: 2022-05-20
Created: 2022-05-20
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